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How can Livionex Dental Gel help me?

Clean teeth are at the bedrock of good oral hygiene. Livionex Dental Gel has been shown to effectively clean your teeth by breaking down harmful biofilm on teeth and preventing new biofilm from sticking to teeth. It cleans without abrasives detergents or antimicrobials.

How are Livionex Dental Gel and LIVFREE Dental Gel different?

Livionex Dental Gel and LIVFREE Dental Gel contain the same product and will give you the same great results. Livionex Dental Gel has a peppermint taste and a blue color, and is dispensed in a tube. LIVFREE has a milder peppermint taste and a clear color, and is dispensed in a measured dose airless pump.

Are Livionex Dental Gel and LIVFRESH Dental Gel the same product?

Yes, they are the same product and have the same color and taste. The only difference is that LIVFRESH Dental Gel is dispensed in a pump and Livionex Dental Gel is dispensed in a tube.

Should I rinse after brushing?

Yes. You should rinse like you would normally do after brushing.

Can I use a mouthwash after brushing?

Yes. After brushing you can rinse, use a mouthwash, floss or do whatever you do as part of your daily oral hygiene.

Can I use an electric toothbrush with Livionex Dental Gel?

You can use an electric or manual brush with Livionex. If you are using an electric brush, we suggest that before switching the brush on, use it to spread the dental gel on all your teeth, and then switch on and brush like you normally do. This is so that you don’t use up the (pea size) gel on the first couple of teeth.

How does Livionex Dental Gel taste?

Livionex uses real peppermint oil for flavoring. It is a mild mint flavor because too much peppermint starts tasting bitter. Livionex contains no artificial ingredients. Do remember that you are buying Livionex for its cleaning power. If you really want a strong aftertaste, we suggest that after brushing, you use a mouthwash of your choice.

How does Livionex Dental Gel work?

Dental plaque is a bacterial biofilm. It is constantly forming on your teeth, making them dirty, dull in appearance, and making your breath smell bad. You can feel it as “fuzz” when you run your tongue over your teeth. In contrast, after a professional cleaning your teeth will feel really slick and clean to your tongue.

Plaque sticks to your teeth like glue, making it extremely difficult to remove. Livionex is specially-designed to clean teeth without scrubbing the tooth surface with abrasives, detergents, or antimicrobials. It’s a clean you can feel.

I noticed it doesn’t foam. Does that mean it isn’t working?

Foaming action comes from detergents. Livionex Dental Gel contains no detergents, and also does not contain abrasives like silica. You will enjoy a gentle foam-free and abrasive-free brushing experience that feels lighter in your mouth and provides a long-lasting clean you can see and feel.


What are the ingredients in Livionex Dental Gel?

Aqua, Sulfonylbismethane, Edathamil, Stevia, Peppermint, Menthol, FD&C Blue 1, Natural gums and stabilizers. It contains no glutens or glycerin.

LIVFREE Livionex Dental Gel does not contain color (no FD&C Blue 1). It has a milder peppermint taste than the blue Livionex Dental Gel in the tube.


Where is Livionex Dental Gel manufactured?

Livionex Dental Gel has been researched and made in the USA.


Is it safe for children?

Absolutely. Livionex Dental Gel is gentle enough for kids. Adult supervision during brushing is recommended for smaller children.

Do you have usage instructions?

Livionex Dental Gel does not contain any abrasives or soaps. It is so gentle that it is soluble in water.

Follow these simple instructions while brushing with the dental gel:

  • Wet your brush before applying the gel. Then put it directly in your mouth. That is, don’t wet the brush with the gel on it because it will dissolve,
  • While brushing, you might notice the absence of foam in your mouth. That is normal, because there is no soap in the Livionex Dental Gel.
  • Brush normally
  • Rinse like you normally would after brushing.
  • We recommend spreading the gel on all your teeth with the brush, before starting to brush.

How long should I leave the Livionex Dental Gel in my mouth?

Livionex works hard while you are brushing. For best results, we suggest brushing twice a day for two minutes, and then rinsing out like you normally do. Keeping it longer in your mouth will not make your teeth cleaner.

What is the best way to dispense Livionex Dental Gel from the tube?

Store the tube on its grey cap to allow the dental gel to be at the tip. Then to dispense, tilt the tube sideways, open the cap and press the tube gently.

Sometimes the gel rolls off the toothbrush, how do I prevent that?

There are two remedies for this. After putting a pea size of the dental gel on your brush, don’t tilt the toothbrush. Alternatively, you can squeeze the dental gel into the bristles of the brush, and that will prevent it from rolling off.

Are there any side effects to accidentally swallowing it?

None. While swallowing is not recommended, all ingredients in Livionex Dental Gel are 100% ingestible.


Why is Livionex Dental Gel more expensive than my regular toothpaste?

Livionex Dental Gel is a premium product providing superior value and results that are far superior to the leading ADA approved toothpaste.

It is the result of over a decade of intense research by the Livionex team in collaboration with top US universities. Livionex Dental Gel contains the most effective, highest quality, safest ingredients available.

How long will a tube of Livionex Dental Gel last?

A pea-size amount is enough for one brushing. If you brush twice a day, a single tube should be enough to deliver great results for 6 weeks. When using the LIVFREE pump, 3 clicks of the pump provide the exact amount needed per brushing.

How can I get the last bit out of a nearly empty tube?

When you are getting close to running out, simply store the tube in an upright position with the cap down between uses. This will allow you to completely empty it. And it’s a great reminder to order more!

How about discounts?

Yes. Just ask your dentist or hygienist for a professional discount code. If they don’t have one, ask them to email us at info@Livionex.com. They can also go the website and follow instructions to register as a dental professional. There is no charge for the code to the dental professional.

To save even more, you can also purchase multipacks online, which will significantly reduce your cost per tube.

Will you talk to my dentist/hygienist about the benefits of Livionex Dental Gel?

We’d be happy to. It is best if they email us at info (at sign) Livionex.com, and we will setup a time to chat with them.

How do I know if I have gingivitis or periodontitis?

Unfortunately, oral disease is highly likely for most of us, even while brushing regularly with traditional toothpaste. Statistically, over 90% of all adults in the US have gingivitis and according to the UC CDC (Centers For Disease Control) 47% of US adults have periodontitis, a serious gum disease. The only way to be sure is to consult your dental professional. Please read the Oral Health Basics section for more details about these diseases.

What can I do to avoid getting gingivitis/periodontitis?

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. While lifestyle, eating habits, frequency of brushing, genetics and other factors affect oral health, keeping your mouth as free of plaque as possible will reduce your chances of getting gum disease.

I have bad breath? Will Livionex help?

Usually. Bad breath is typically associated with oral biofilm, so breaking it up by brushing with Livionex Dental Gel should greatly improve breath odor. However, some bad breath can be due to systemic disorders and may require other kinds of treatments.

I have sensitive teeth. Should I still use Livionex?

Tooth sensitivity can be caused by a stripping of the protective enamel on the teeth. W e have chosen to not add any agents like potassium nitrate, which temporarily reduce sensitivity. Therefore, we suggest using a sensitivity reduction toothpaste as needed, after brushing with Livionex Dental Gel, until your enamel is restored.

Who else makes toothpaste similar to Livionex Dental Gel?

No one. Livionex Dental Gel is based on a unique patent-pending formula.

I am using Invisalign®. Will Livionex Dental Gel help the odor in my brackets and mouth?

Yes. User feedback indicates that brushing with Livionex Dental Gel can significantly reduce bad breath and smell associated with continuous use of Invisalign ® brackets. Please read the Reviews for specific user experiences.

I wear braces. How can Livionex Dental Gel help me?

Plaque around braces is hard to clean and, if not cleaned properly, can lead to decalcified (white) spots behind the braces and other problems like bad breath and worse. Brushing with Livionex Dental Gel will keep the area around the braces clean and minimize these problems.


Does it contain Triclosan?


How long can I use it?

Use Livionex Dental Gel for a lifetime of cleaner teeth and a healthier mouth. If you have any unresolved oral problems, be sure to consult your dentist for advice and treatment.

Will Livionex Dental Gel be as effective if I use it with another toothpaste?

Plaque is a biofilm that is constantly building on your teeth. Brushing twice a day with Livionex Dental Gel has been shown to be highly effective at breaking down harmful biofilm on teeth and preventing new biofilm from sticking to teeth. Conventional toothpastes are not as effective. While there is no problem using one along with Livionex, the overall benefits you receive will be reduced if this means that you are using Livionex less frequently.

Is it safe for brushing my pet’s teeth?


Absolutely. You will find that your pet will like the mild taste. Some pets may be sensitive to menthol, so please try a little bit with your pet, and ensure that it suits them. A healthier mouth means healthier pets and less time at the veterinarian. You will find a couple of user reviews on this topic.