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Livionex Dental Gel- 1 Tube (50 g / 1.7 oz. Tube)
Livionex Dental Gel 50 g / 1.7 oz. Tube

Price: $20.00

Product Code: LIV4413

Description How To Use Ingredients

  • Our original dental gel-- Blue color & peppermint taste

  • Dispensed in a tube.  1.7 oz of dental gel

  • Dentist-recommended replacement for toothpaste

  • 2.5x better at cleaning teeth than a leading toothpaste

  • No harsh abrasives or foaming agents used by toothpaste

  • Powerful antioxidant

  • Livionex Dental Gel is the same product as LIVFREE Dental Gel, and contains the same amount of dental gel (1.7 oz.). The only difference is that Livionex Dental Gel has a blue color and a slightly stronger peppermint taste, and is dispensed in a tube.
  • Unlike most common toothpastes that use abrasives like silica, and soaps like sodium lauryl sulfate, the Livionex Dental Gel does not contain any abrasives or soaps. It is so gentle that it is soluble in water.

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Thank You! March 23, 2017
Reviewer: AP from North Dakota  
I've been struggling with inflamed gums for almost 6 years now.  After seeking multiple dentist opinions and trying various treatments (3 mo cleanings, 6 mo root scaling & planing, Rx mouthwashes & medicines, to oil pulling) nothing was working.   My dental routine of 2, sometimes 3 brushings a day along with mouth wash each time and flossing  once a day along wasn't helping my gums get any better  I simply had no tarter or calcium build up on my teeth or below my gum line so the hygienist and dentist felt my cleanings were not doing anything and were puzzled as to why my gums hadn't shown any response to the prescriptions we had attempted.  However, with the inflamed gums, the depths of my tooth pockets (ranging 5 to 9) and continued bone loss over the years  - they felt I  should see a periodontist.  In 2015, It was recommended by two periodontists to have gum flap surgery and I was even looking into LANAP, yes a third opinion was sought.  LANAP is a laser treatment that is less invasive as the traditional gum flap surgery.  I hesitated doing the extreme surgery or the laser treatment not only because of the cost but the lack of guarantee that all would be well when it was over and I was scared of the outcome of the appearance of my smile.  I had one tooth that was very slightly mobile... however, as the time has gone by I have noticed this tooth becoming more wiggly, along with another tooth beginning.  Fearing that sooner than later, I'd begin to actually loose teeth I started searching the internet... which is when I found your product, Livionex.    I have to admit that when I saw the price - I was little apprehensive, but then thought with all that I've tried, why not!?

My first tube of Livionex arrived last Thursday, March 16th.  I was excited to try it out that evening and boy, if you had a camera in my bathroom that next morning when I woke up.   I was amazed with how pink - yes PINK - my gums were.  I haven't seen pink gums in years!  They've always been red, almost purple in some spots.   Needless to say, I've been using Livionex for each brushing since (only two times a day).  In this short time I have already noticed changes in my oral health.  1) My slightly mobile tooth no more is mobile, 2) the other more mobile tooth is not as mobile, 3) areas where my teeth have had space because of the inflamed gums ,no longer have that space or it is not as spaced, 4) I no longer have the dental pain associated with the periodontal disease, and 5) It truly makes my teeth feel more clean than a dental cleaning.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!  The best $20 I've spent and I'm anxious to visit my dentist after my 1st tube of Livionex is done.

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Very satisfied March 6, 2017
Reviewer: barbdavenport@sbcglobal.net from RICHARDSON, TX United States  
I have dry mouth and I'm pleased that using your product regularly has helped with my oral hygiene.    I haven't had decay in two years!

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My favorite tooth gel February 27, 2017
Reviewer: Susan Dougherty from Hollywood, FL United States  
I have been using Livionex Dental Gel ever since reading about it in Good Housekeeping Magazine.  It leaves my teeth feeling squeaky clean.

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It is working! February 26, 2017
Reviewer: John Stuckey from Dayton, OH United States  
Livionex user for about a year now.  Two cleanings with virtually no scrapping, etc.  I used to have a lot of plaque especially on my bottom, front teeth, tongue side.  My hygienist has mixed feelings about Livionex!  "This can put me out of business", was her initial comment.  She was relieved to hear the cost as she thinks that most of her patients can/will not afford the product.  Wait until Livionex figures out how to make chewing gum!!This stuff is a game changer.  Thanks for a great product.   UPDATE:  Broken record again - love Livionex!  I have been using it for a couple of years.  Perfect dental checkups as far as no plaque goes and I used to have my teeth picked and scraped every time.  Thanks for a great product.  And for the fence-sitters because of the price I say that for the checkups I get and my dental health your product is a bargain.

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Great product but expensive! February 26, 2017
Reviewer: Niki Bratchette from Lansing, MI United States  
I love this toothpaste however it's very expensive for the amount that you get.  I saw a big change In my teeth!

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